Gunpla is Freedom! Evolution of a Hobby

Gundam has been out for almost forty years now, its longevity owed to the model kits which have spread like a Red Comet around the world. Join us as we look at how it's changed over time and celebrate the hobby of building miniature giant robots.

Six Same Faces! Introduction to Osomatsu-Kun

The boys are back for season 2! But where did the Matsuno brothers come from originally? A look into the history of the Osomatsu-kun franchise in Japan from the 60's until today!

Hyrule Fantasy: Calamity Canon

In an age where sequels and HD remakes are the norm, the Zelda series continues to set standards and defy expectations in its storytelling and gameplay. Join us as we focus on the cyclical nature of the titular legend and the lore of Hyrule.

The Anime That ACTUALLY Saved Anime

What anime saved the industry? Kill La Kill? Black Butler? Kobayashi's Dragon Maid? We will be taking a serious look at the internet meme, with statistics, history, jokes, and we determine that the anime that saved anime is *SPOILERS*.

DC Superheroes/Villians

Come ask questions to DC characters, play games and have fun.

Trigger Warning: The New Hotness of Studio TRIGGER

Studio TRIGGER may be one of the newest studios making anime series, but their creators have been working in the industry for decades. Join us as we take a look at this eccentric studio, their history, and their recent and upcoming works. Don’t Lose Your Way to the TRIGGER panel!