Panel Submissions

Hello potential panelist! Thank you for considering us as a place to host your panel. We look forward to all the wonderful ideas. Below you will find the policies and submission form for the 2017 Asheville Anime Regional Convention. Thank you again for submitting your ideas.

All Panel submissions must be submitted by May 1. Panelists will be notified later than May 16 if their panel has been selected.

All Panelists should be 16 years or older.

Panelists will not receive a free badge for 2017, but for the following year 2018.

We welcome a wide variety of subjects for panels, but keep in mind that this is an anime and gaming convention; panels that focus on these areas will be given preference when it comes to scheduling.

Panel Policy

  •  The panel schedule is constructed of 1 hour blocks.  However, you will need time to setup and wrap up your panel, as explained below.  Between the 10 minutes to tear down, and the 5 minutes to set up, you will have 45 minutes to present your panel.  If you have a 2 hour block, then it will be 105 minutes.  Please request an appropriate block of time to give your panel, but keep in mind we favor 1 hour blocks.

  • Panelists must begin wrapping up their panel 10 minutes before the end of the scheduled time.  Panelists and attendees should have cleared the room before the end of the scheduled time.

  • Please allow yourself 5 minutes to set up your panel.  If you need to hook up your laptop or tablet to a projector or tv, please inform the Convention Technical Operations staff member that will be in the room helping you set up and break down.

  • Panels that begin more than 15 minutes late can still continue but must end on time.  Panels that begin late in this matter, will not count towards badge reimbursement.

  • Panelists are responsible for cleaning up any trash or beverages they’ve brought into the room.

  • Please try not to rearrange the room or move the A/V equipment around.  If you must, inform the Convention Technical Operations staff member that will be in the room helping you set up and break down.

  • Emergencies happen.  It’s okay.  Inform A.A.R.C. staff in the event of an emergency or other occurrence that will prevent the panelist/s from conducting their scheduled panel(s). You can email us at or inform us in Convention Operations

“18+” Panel Policy

  • currently No 18+ panels will be accepted.

  • Any panel should be deemed 18+ if the material is deemed “adult material” or viewed as “inappropriate for minors”.

  • Panel content that is deemed 18+ includes, but is not limited to;

Adult language and cursing


Sexual Intercourse

Nudity or partial nudity





  • If you’re still not sure if your panel should be considered 18+, please contact us and let’s discuss it.

  • Additionally, the following things will not be tolerated in any panel;

Racial slurs

Hate speech

“All Ages” Panel Policy

  • Any panel should be deemed all ages if the material is deemed acceptable for American television or is not rated higher then PG-13.

  • If your panel is “All Ages” the following things are not acceptable;

  • Any content already outlined specifically for 18+ panels

Swear words
Racial slurs
Hate speech


Panel Submission Form

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Have a question about running and submitting a panel? Let us know.