Steven Prince

Derek Stephen Prince is an American voice actor who has played various roles in the Digimon series, the voice of Elgar in the live-action Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers in Space, and the voice of Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu and Kokichi Oma in the Danganronpa series. In the world of anime, he played Keitaro Urashima in Love Hina, DemiDevimon and Piedmon in Digimon, Ken Ichijouji and Veemon in Digimon 02 and Impmon in Digimon Tamers. He is also the voice of Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu and Kokichi Oma in the Danganronpa series. He can be heard as Uryū Ishida in Bleach and Shino Aburame in Naruto. He provides the voice of Vexen in the English-language version of the Kingdom Hearts series. Derek has been part of the Voice123 roaster since September, 2008. He reprised his role as Ken Ichijouji for AficionadosChris' review of Digimon. Some of the characters he voices are intellectuals or brainy, such as Vexen and Uryū and most recently Freeza.


HoodBob Thugpants

Hoodbob is a cosplayer that specializes in making cosplay affordable, original and most importantly; fun. Making ordinary objects such as bedsheets or curtains into ball gowns and capes, finding beauty in everyday life is a part of her craft. Her interests include, Soul Eater, Nintendo, Captain America, the Dragon Ball franchise, Steve Rogers, Pokémon and Captain America. While most people are welcome to call her Damaris and know her as such, her online persona “Hoodbob Thugpants” stems from her strong (possibly unhealthy) love for a little yellow sponge. She loves discussing all things nerdy and hopes to continue to grow in her craft for as long as possible!

Browncoat Bellydance

Browncoat Bellydance is made up of dancers from across the Southeast. BcBd brings you the finest in SciFi entertainment to the stage in a variety show that this not to be missed. We're here for your geek themed parties and Cons. Check out our videos to see what it's all about!