Traveling to over 40 Cons a year, Brix-n-Clix brings cool Anime & Pop Culture Swag!

crafty little g33k

A delightful mix of everyday fandom flair. You will find g33ktasitc, handmade jewelry of a variety of materials (bead, cross-stitch, clay, resin, charm, and terrarium), custom character hats, custom artwork and buttons galore! Now featuring the option to create your own custom button at the convention!

Kimono USA

Kimono USA sells wearable collectible art - vintage and new, men and women's kimono

Kitty in the Box

Kitty in the Box has been a part of AARC since 2016 and is excited to return for 2018. We're bringing a unique collection of Asiaphile and Anime goods including many Japanese game room exclusive items and products made exclusively for us. Find it affordable, find it unique, find it at Kitty in the Box. Stay Curious.

My Crafting Gene

We are a small business that started with making miniature origami shapes and turning them into jewelry. Now it is our goal to expand our business incorporating other features into our jewelry designs.

Red Finds Games

We're back for our second year with a fresh batch of video games, consoles, plush and collectables!