Cosplay Contest Rules

All cosplay should be appropriate for an all ages environment. Any weapons will be inspected on entry to the convention and dealt with accordingly. Judging times will be set for each person as they sign up and only one entry per person per category will be accepted. If a person is included in a group, they cannot participate in a singles category.

Prop Rules

No prop will be allowed that has a projectile component that does not stay attached to the prop itself. Props that are based on items like a dart blaster will be allowed as long as there is no ammunition. We reserve the right to deem any prop that is unacceptable as such.

Skit Rules

Please keep skit length to around 2 minutes maximum. Do not include anything vulgar or obscene. If using music, please provide a method to play it. Keep in mind that time restraints may limit the amount of skits.


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