*Co*Ma*Ki* Designs

Steampunk Jewelry and more is what you will find at *Co*Ma*Ki* Designs. We focus on making everyday wear Steampunk designs so you can show off your everyday 'Steamyness' wherever you may go.

Alternative Creations

Cute, nerdy, and fantasy inspired charms, jewelry, and accessories. All items are handmade.

Amanda Churi Books

Amanda Churi is a self-made author and artist who writes novels pertaining to the message that "no one is a mistake." The novels tend to be sci-fi/fantasy with inspirational messages behind them. The art is both a reflection of the stories and moral teachings, either hand-painted or digitally. Artwork tends to fall into the categories of landscape and spiritual/mythical art.

artful sunshine

Variety of dioramas, fun products and lots of jewelry.

Cosmic Crochet Crafts

At Cosmic Crochet Crafts, we specialize in kawaii, handmade plushies and keychains. Our plushies are both
sewn and crocheted from high quality materials, and many are directly related to Japanese culture
and animation.


Are you looking for something unique and creative? Tired of the same old prints and charms? Look no further than CreatorVurei's table! They sell adoptable creatures, accessories and tons art! So stop by and take a look!

Dayna Tang Art

Dayna Tang is a Taiwanese-American born illustrator, concept artist, and designer based in Georgia. She is currently pursuing her BFA in Graphic Design at The University of Georgia. Apart from school, she loves to create vibrant-colored original pieces and fan art in both traditional and digital mediums. Her creative works are inspired by Asian culture, anime, and various video games. She also incorporates organic and nature-inspired forms within her works to create a unique visual experience for viewers.

ENDtense J.E.T Studios

We are a team of 3 artist looking to visually create stories through different forms of media. Everything from Manga, to animations and even Video-Games!

Esclair Studios

Esclair Studios offers Wall Clocks, Prints/Posters, Pin Back Buttons, and even Charms to fill all of your fandom needs! We are constantly working on new designs and products. We are based in Clarksville, Tennessee and we travel to conventions across the Southeast United States, selling our unique Wall Clocks and Artwork.

Faelel's Pillows

We are two anime fans from East Tennessee that enjoy making Pillows, Plush Toys and Stickers of our favorite series!

Glare Beware

Glare Beware was created in 2014. The first web series is "The Adventures of Nekosan," being published online in February, 2015. Glare Beware has merchandise ranging from prints to stickers. Short comics, doodles, and other art can be found at www.glarebeware.com.

Gothic Panda Studios

Gothic Panda Studios creates anime-style art and specializes in humor. They also work in conjunction with Team Sidequest to create Indie tabletop games.

Gypsy River Crafts

Gypsy River Crafts is a business based out of Asheville NC, it is a growing business with something for everyone.

Kaysha Siemens

Kaysha Siemens is an illustrator and fine artist living in Swannanoa, NC. She draws inspiration from all kinds of geeky stuff, from ancient mythology to current fandom. She offers lots of ways to enjoy her art, such as hanging it on your walls, wearing it on your body, toting it around on a bag, and more!

Kyo·So Studio

3 girls inspired by Anime, Cartoon, & Games.


I am a character illustrator specializing in ecchi and pinup character drawings. Both fanart and original characters, anthro and anime alike, character illustration is what I love to do.

Laurel's Creations

Laurel's Creations specializes in a unique animated style for all things nerdy!


Hello! I'm Less and I make both personal and fan based content both professionally and as a hobby. I love pizza.


Just a lil bean sprout selling prints and lots more to fill your nerdy needs

Little Felt World

I run an online shop where I sell handmade plushies. I primarily do fandom stuff, but I also do original stuff too. All of my plushies are packed with love and detail!

Little Knitting Noodle

Handmade amigurumi inspired by popular geek culture.

Moonspoon Studio

Moonspoon Studio is a teeny-tiny artcraft shop in NC. We make a variety of things from fiber, clay, and more.

Neko Kitty Studio

We are two artists who create Japanese inspired artwork and cute kitty creations.


Watercolorist and urban sketcher. Commissions open!

Ouja Akuma

Creator of the Butthurt Buttons.

QuietNova Studios

I can make anything out of yarn! Do you need a small, crocheted penguin? Or how about a variety of squids? Come by QuietNova Studios and see what is in store!

Red Wolf Studios

Just a dreaming artist screaming about her fandoms while she draws from them. I mostly dabble in video games, but I also like to talk about earlier anime too!

Sakura Sisters

Sakura Sisters is a grassroots craft business that specializes in the kinds of hand craft geekery that you just won't find anywhere else. Stop by to see one of a kind Harry Potter, RPG and Anime themed items!


Welcome to the squibblefu cafe where we may fulfill your fanart needs with items ranging from prints to charms~ Check our menu on Instagram for a sneak peek! Acrylic jewelry and pins coming soon~


Sara W., also known as StaticStarling, has been painting and illustrating for over 15 years in the convention circuit promoting her illustration work and enjoying the experiences she's had with con goers and other artists alike. This is her first year showing her original comic at AARC.

The Southern Anime Shop

For your cosplay, plushie, and anime needs shop here. All products 100% hand made and original from southern part of the USA.

Travis Vaught Art

Travis Vaught is a local artist living in Asheville, NC. After graduation from the University of Georgia in 2016, Travis took a job as a graphic & web designer while pursuing his art business on the side. He places an emphasis on storytelling in his art. You'll often see fan art creations that merge fandoms or a pinnacle moment in a story that leaves viewers wondering what will happen next. You can follow him on Instagram @travisvaughtart or check him out online at Travis-Vaught.com.

Trinity'a Trinkets

Customizable hand-etched glassware and gifts!


Colorful and fun anime and game-inspired art from a mage in training. Prints, charms, stationery, and more!


Quirky and sometimes dark digital art.

Vtas Art

Vtas Art is a studio based out of San Diego, CA that specializes in fan art and original prints. We make your favorite movies, shows, and video games come to life on the canvas with print sizes ranging from 5" x 7" to 18" x 24"-- fanart including Full Metal Alchemist, Legend of Zelda, Studio Ghibli, Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy, Game of Thrones, and more! We also carry smaller merchandise (charms, zip bags, pins) of games such as Overwatch, Don't Starve, etc. We look forward to meeting you!!