Asheville Anime Regional Convention 2017 Confirmed Artists

*Co*Ma*Ki* Designs

*Co*Ma*Ki* Designs is a purveyor of all things steampunk. From the finishing jewelry piece for your costumes to bits you can wear everyday to show off your 'steaminess'. We also make handmade bits for the 'Geekier' Fandoms, and the ancient art of chainmaille finds a place in all that we do.


Friends, fandom, and fun sharing prints, stickers, and zines based on favorite anime and our original work!

AJ Hebard

AJ Hebard is an illustrator based out of Raleigh, NC. They have a passion for fandom and live with their loving partner Calvin.

Amanda Churi Books

Today, people seem more lost than ever. Distracted by ever-advancing technology, money, mere objects, and blinded-sided by lies, many often find themselves stumbling in a dark, desolate world. Eventually, life becomes nothing more than a chore—something people have to force themselves to push through. It can be an awful place... But it can also be the most beautiful thing.

I, Amanda Churi Menichello, wrote The Twisted Trilogy and plan on writing many more books to further express this view in multiple ways: even though darkness is everywhere, so is light. I have always wanted to inspire creativity and bring both hope and life, no matter how young. I was eighteen-years-old when I published my first book, A Lapse in Time. I have been inspired not only by the endless support of my family, my friends, and my love but through the unseen magic in the world.

While my books may not always be the biggest bowl of sunshine, I hope for both them and my art to bring comfort to so many who believe they have lost their way... To give hope, even if it can only be through these stories for now. No matter what happens, or how useless one may feel at times, everyone is important, and everyone is destined for something amazing...

And no one can ever take that away.

Artful Sunshine

We turn illustratons in to products like coasters.


Cute buttons, stickers, charms, art and more!

Burnett's art

Original paintings drawings and sculptures by Casey Burnett.

CatBear Accessories

CatBear Accessories produces origami earrings and dioramas. All of our products are handmade and assembled by a large discontent bear and a cheerful kitty.

Catullus Prescott/ Cut Sleeve Studios

Art studio comprised of writer/ artist combo.

Ceesaw Studios

Prints, postcards, buttons, stickers, and commissions!

Chiffon Galaxy

Best friend and I enjoy making artwork and wanted to share it with everyone, and we also make our own cosplay and know that some people are looking for good props for a good price. Our main inspiration is magical girl anime, like Sailor Moon, Lolirock, and Toyko meet new. We make jewelry to bring out people's inner nerd!

Clay Martin

I'm an elementary school art teacher studying manga style art on the side. I love practicing and getting better!

crafty little g33k

A variety of fun and cute art inspired by fandoms across the board from anime to sci-fi and everything in between.

Day of the Doodles

DotD is the mad scientist creation of husband and wife team Erin & Morgan Carmichael, proudly making silly art for silly people

Dayna Tang Art

"Dayna Tang is a Taiwanese-American born illustrator and designer based in Georgia. She is currently pursuing her bachelors degree in Graphic Design at The University of Georgia. Apart from school and design works, she loves to create vibrant-colored original pieces and fan art in both traditional and digital mediums. Her creative works are inspired by Japanese and Asian culture, anime, and various video games. Dayna incorporates organic and nature-inspired forms within her works to create a unique visual experience for viewers and art fans. "

Dragonflight Blessings

A mother and daughter crafting team that makes wearable and collectible items by hand. Spread a little magic with a funky new hat or a baby dragon sculpture of your own to take home.

Duae Designs

Duae Designs specializes in crochet and sewn geeky items. Eric crochets detailed amigurumi and Cat designs and sews purses and catnip filled cat toys.

Esclair Studios

We specialize in Home Decor, and offer Wall Clocks, Prints/Posters, Pin Back Buttons, and even Travel Mugs to fill all of your fandom needs! We are constantly working on new designs and products. We are based in Clarksville, Tennessee and we travel to conventions across the Southeast United States, selling our unique Wall Clocks and Artwork.


I am a digital/traditional illustrator and designer. My shop will produce high quality prints, and trinkets of fanart and original illustrations.

Fandom Gear Crochet

We sell crocheted plushy toys, gifts and accessories spanning many different fandoms...including (but not limited to) video games, Anime/Japanese, book series/tv shows, superheros. We have something for everyone...even the friends that tag along! (FandomGearCrochet)

Fur, Fun, and More!

Fur, Fun, and More is your source for all things furry, as well as jewelry, art, tumblers, and much more!


Furescent, the brightest character wear out there, for raves, cosplays or just pajamas!

Gates of O'brillin

The Gates of O’brillin have always existed, pathways through space and time.
Very few people know of their existence. Fewer still know how to access them.
Adventurers Katie and Nathaniel are two of the chosen.
They have allowed Miss Brenda and Lady Jai to share some of their
experiences and artifacts with the world.

Geek The Halls

Gifts and ornaments inspired by your favorite fandoms!

Glare Beware LLC.

Glare Beware LLC. was created in 2014 and began publishing original comic series and short comics in 2015, with "The Adventures of Nekosan." The artist and founder, Nicole, has a background in art education and started the series as an example for a comic book project for students.
Since beginning publishing in 2015, Glare Beware LLC. has expanded beyond comics, and produces all original magnets, stickers, buttons, custom commissions, as well as hand drawn portraits. For examples and more information, please visit the Glare Beware website.

Gotta Craft 'Em All

Pokémon Glass Jar Terrariums, Comic Book Ceramic Coasters, and various nerdy necklace charms.

Gregory Dickens

Gregory Dickens is a comic book creator based in Transylvania County. He has produced his Heroes of Sinclair comic series since 2010 and has appeared at numerous area shows such as Fanaticon, ACE, and GeekOut, as well as HeroesCon, NC Comicon, and SC Comicon.

Gypsy River Crafts

Crafts and art for the Gypsy in All all of us

High Fiber Designs

High Fiber Designs sells cute amigurumi plush to brighten your life.

HNH Arts

Heather Haynes will obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art in May 2017. She loves to work with ceramics and painting, but she also loves polymer clay, decoden, and digital artwork. She regularly attended anime conventions and sold in the artist alley while she was in high school; conventions such as Nashicon, Ichibancon, and more.

Ilinca Mitchell Art

Art prints and originals by Ilinca Mitchell - an artist who specializes in traditional media and loves drawing strong female characters.


IndigoMagnolia creates life-size (or as close as possible) plushies of cosplay quality, meaning they're made to last. Though Pokemon are our personal favorites, we offer characters from video games, cartoons, other anime, and whatever else one can think up. We also have a variety of bottle jewelry (available as necklaces, cell charms, keychains, and earrings) to show off a more subtle love of your fandom.


Anime and aesthetic

JRLuna Art

I'm an independent digital artist and graphic designer. I work on both the digital canvas as well as with traditional mediums.

Kirsten Fugett Illustrations

Original and custom fantasy based story illustrations, Graphic style T-shirts like never been seen before. A small free-lance artist just trying to make her way.


A self-made illustrator from Charelston, SC. I create character illustrations, pinups, and love drawing original characters!

LegendaryVegan Art

Traditional mixed media illustrations of classic game, cartoon, and comic characters.


Less has been drawing Angels, Demons, and things lewd in nature ever since he figured out how to hold a stylus. A freelance artist, Less's artwork expands into both personal and fan based content, as he continues to explore new ideas and styles. His favorite type of pizza is everything.

Little Knitting Noodle

Knitted and crocheted dolls inspired by popular geek culture.

Mako Fufu

Mako Fufu is an Argentine artist based in Winston Salem, NC. Her art is full of colorful magical girls.

Moonspoon Studio

Moonspoon Studio is a small artcraft shop that specializes mainly in fiber art, both fandom and original.

Ouja Akuma

I draw pretty men.


*Co*Ma*Ki* Designs is a purveyor of all things steampunk. From the finishing jewelry piece for your costumes to bits you can wear everyday to show off your 'steaminess'. We also make handmade bits for the 'Geekier' Fandoms, and the ancient art of chainmaille finds a place in all that we do.

Priceless Companions

Specializing in fluffy wares for your inner kitten and kitsune self!

QuietNova Studios

We make a variety of amazing handcrafted wonders!

Raiza Threads

Raiza Threads makes goth and lolita accessories, and plushies. Our specialty is lace accessories like hats, masks, hair accessories, and more! We feature a variety of hair clips, jewelry, hats, plushies, and other accessories. Some of our most popular items are skelly plushies, lace bat hair clips, and dragon key chains. Each lace piece is made by Raiza and is hand stitched together.

Red Wolf Studios

Digital artist and sculpey jewelry maker. I scream a lot about my fandoms.

Sakura Sisters

Sakura Sisters offers quality, hand crafted, fan themed goods at a price that won't make your wallet scream. We specialize in the kinds of things you can't find anywhere else because no one else makes them!

ShaHuskies illustration

Matt is an illustrator from Bel Air, Maryland. Matt has always been an artist and storyteller, and received his Bachelor’s Degree from UMBC in Visual Arts: Animation. He has recently gone through the self-publishing process for his first children’s book titled “The Flaming Lemming”, and is working on concept for a second children’s book about a husky puppy surviving in the arctic tundra. He is also drafting an outline and conceptualizing a world for what will become a five-part graphic novel series.

Sparkles & Sprites

Sparkles & Sprites. Handmade jewelry and crafts.


I've always loved a good urban fantasy story and that's what my work normally entails. Illustration is about telling a story through imagery and that's always what I aim to do in all of my work.

Sybil Art

Sybil Art is a new joint art business that two friends made! We sell original art and fanart, keychains, and stickers. You can find us on Deviantart as "Sybil Art" but our individual usernames are "xXPrincessStardustXx" and "Raventorose". We look forward to having fun and seeing everyone!

The Southern Anime Shop

The Southern Anime Shop for all your anime, kawaii, and cosplay needs. Selling a variety of different style fanart work and custom cosplay outfits.

Toffee and Creme

Hand drawn illustrations, amigurumi, clay figurines and decorative jar

Xandos Designs

A mixture of traditional and digital, this duo creates artwork that fuses together video games, pop culture, and nature.


Come check out the awesome works of WaffleBubble! There will be 80's/90's nostalgia, original art, and much, much more!